Upgrade Your Cameras with FTF’s Pioneering Computer Vision Technology for Sustainable Business Transformation, Streamlining Everyday Tasks, and Enhancing Resource Efficiency in Retail, Logistics, and Security

FTF LIFE introduces a visitor frequency measurement system that utilizes cameras and Edge AI Devices. Edge Devices come equipped with pre-installed software for generating anonymized visitor IDs through facial recognition. These pseudonymized data are securely transmitted via internal network to virtualized servers in a client data center, where they are prepared for statistical analysis and visualized in a dashboard.
Understanding visitor flows and behaviors in boutiques is crucial for efficient and secure operations. FTF LIFE’s visitor frequency measurement system offers valuable insights and data to support decision-making in facility management and sales.

FTF CAR and FTF SiteNAV are tailored solutions for efficient access control and traffic management, particularly for truck traffic within specific sites such as industrial complexes, ports, and logistics centers. These digital solutions cover various aspects to enhance the process:
identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies, enabling optimization measures to enhance overall efficiency.

FTF WORK offers versatile applications by replacing traditional card readers with video cameras, enhancing access control and security.

Introducing FTF IQP – Unleash the Power of Tomorrow’s Surveillance Today!

FTF IQP isn’t just a product; it’s a revolution in video analytics technology. Imagine a world where efficiency meets innovation seamlessly – that’s what our platform brings to the table. Say goodbye to wasted time and resources as FTF IQP takes your surveillance game to unprecedented heights.

Experience the future with full automation for your existing surveillance camera portfolio. FTF IQP isn’t just a solution; it’s your strategic partner in redefining the way you approach security. Embrace a new era of efficiency and reliability – your surveillance deserves nothing less!  #FTFIQP #SmartSecurity #InnovationRedefined