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Partnership Bouygues and FTF

Zürich, 12. Juni 2019:
Bouygues Energies & Services and FTF International AG have entered into a partnership: Bouygues and FTF will offer joint solutions across Switzerland in the areas of commerce, hospitality and the world of work.

Headquartered in Zurich, FTF International AG offers intelligent solutions for retail and hospitality. For users, this technology enables real-time analysis of the structure, behaviour and satisfaction of their clients (FTF LIFE module). In addition to standardized presentations in the form of reports and dashboards, individual measures can be monitored and their effects on the customers analysed. This contributes to the continuous improvement of the range of products and services, as well as to an increase in customer satisfaction.
Based on the same technology, FTF also offers solutions for the world of work (FTF WORK module). Future-oriented solutions based on Face ID for access control systems, time recording and monitoring of compliance with safety regulations provide decisive added value in topics such as safety, security and compliance. On the basis of the standard module, individual, tailor-made solutions can be developed and implemented for the partners.

Both modules described above can be extended with the FTF GUARD module to increase the safety of personnel, customers and goods. Access can be granted or prevented based on white and black lists. When detected problems in the areas of safety, security or compliance, alarms can be triggered or measures can be taken.
Bouygues is the preferred installation partner of FTF in Switzerland.

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