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Partnership Pablo Garcia and FTF

Zürich, 23. July 2019:

FTF is pleased to have won Mr. Pablo Garcia as Hospitality Advisor. He says about our cooperation:

“With 20 years working for and in the Hospitality Industry, I understand the importance of applying technology to increase customer satisfaction which is the key to succeed. 

As a Senior Lecturer in Innovation, Sustainability and Facilities Management at Les Roches – The Global Hospitality Management School (Top 3 Institution Worldwide for Hospitality and Leisure Management), I always share with my students the importance of applying new tools, techniques and technology to gain competitive advantage in already very competitive and globalise marketplace.

Today I am very excited to collaborate as a Hospitality Advisor with FTF.  A truly service-oriented tool able to measure and analyse service quality.  A tool which will help organisations to re-define their services and to understand employee’s performances. 

People is the key, through data is the only way and I believe FTF is the future of the Hospitality Industry.”


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