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Les Roches Career Day 2019

Bluche, Switzerland, 15. October 2019:

FTF International AG would like to thank Les Roches Crans-Montana Global Hospitality and the organizers for an outstanding career day event in Switzerland at one of the top hospitality schools in the world. We were truly fascinated of how organized, professional, and prestigious this networking event was.

As one of the leading and fastest growing companies in facial recognition products and solutions, FTF International AG and its team were delighted to be able to represent our brand in front of 300 guests and the school’s future hospitality leaders. We are strongly confident that students of Les Roches would create a solid foundation of the values and beliefs of FTF International AG and thus would create an ideal professional team for the company.

Our CEO Imre Gábor and COO Benoit Vuilliomenet were honored to be able to participate and seek opportunities during career days and hope to visit again in the upcoming networking events at Les Roches.

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