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    The Engine of your business growth by
    transforming unique data to customer insight
    – powered by Artificial Intelligence

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    The Engine to improve safety, security and
    compliance by using high end face recognition
    technology – powered by Artificial Intelligence

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    Our partner Bouygues Energies & Services has
    around 100 locations in Switzerland, is locally
    based, nationally active and globally networked.


About FTF

FTF International AG, headquartered in Zurich, was founded in 2019. It bundles our previous activities in the field of face recognition and extends these to customer-specific solutions for marketing, retail and hospitality on the one hand, as well as for office buildings, construction sites and production facilities on the other hand. Our tailored solutions are based on face recognition technology, business intelligence and artificial intelligence.



Gabor IMRE, the Hungarian born, 47 years old Chief Executive Officer of FTF International Inc. is the Founder and sole Owner of FTF International Inc. The Mechanical Engineer by training, studied at the University of Miskolc, in Hungary, and then obtained his MSc degree in Mechanical Engineering from ETH Zürich, in Switzerland.

After successful years in management in German and Hungarian companies, he founded the Danish investment group Ayudate in 2008. In 2016, Gabor and its partners began building businesses in the US. Initially, Ayudate invested in Imageonix, a Virginia-based security integrator, followed by an investment in Ayonix Facial Technologies in 2018. Following the phase-out of its initial investment in Ayonix, Gabor retained exclusive distribution rights for Ayonix in North America and FTF International AG for Europe.