FTF brings the Future now!

FTF is designed as a 3-in-1 solution. Our Life Modul is used in marketing and commerce to improve business growth by better insight in customer behavior and satisfaction. Our Work Modul is used in office buildings on construction sites or production sites to improve safety, security and compliance. You can use our Guard Modul to add further security functions like alarm or black lists.

  • FTF Life Modul offers analysis over the entire customer base (number of persons, gender, age, costumer journey, customer satisfaction, and loyalty of the costumers)
  • Beyond our customized daily, weekly or monthly reports we can evaluate the impact of your decisions and actions
  • FTF Work Modul is a state-of-the-art access control system, offering the users the full flexibility to monitor and manage all the access points within the facility
  • You will have online access to the location of your employees or visitors not only within your facility but also within any business-related transport systems, like buses
  • On request you can combine our FTF Work Modul and FTF Life Modul, in order to analyse the satisfaction of your employees
  • FTF SMART Engineering Services develops and delivers tailor-made solutions
  • The service delivers any customized inquiries for clients in order to satisfy their personal needs and promote their business growth


  • Real time customer analytics
  • Measurement of customer satisfaction
  • Predictive analytics
  • Enriching customer experience
  • Opportunity to test and measure operational changes

Customer Analysis and Customer Insight

  • We count all entries into a retail outlet, shopping mall, filling station shop, hotel or restaurant
  • Gender and age distribution of recognized costumers can be presented
  • Customer satisfaction analysis based on our business intelligence tool provide additional information to management teams
  • The database will have all information by the week, day, hour, or even by the minute if needed
  • Analysis is live and immediate

Customer Loyalty and Customer Journey

  • Based on the analysis we can distinguish between frequently used and occasionally used areas of your premises
  • We recognize reactions and decisions of your customers and guests helping you to optimize your layout and design and to improve your services offered
  • We can recognize returning costumers and new customers in your location and throughout different locations
  • We can measure waiting time, for example how long a client or guest has to wait before checking-in or at the cashier
  • If our system notices queuing or unusual wait times additional staff can be alerted

Special analysis

  • FTF can follow, evaluate and document the impact of each and every measure
    • like marketing actions
    • new service or product offerings
    • layout or design changes


  • Access to the main facility entrance(s)
  • Time recording of employees and subcontractors
  • Monitoring compliance with safety and security regulations
  • Access to different areas and rooms inside the facility
  • Access control to employee transport vehicles
  • Tracking of transport vehicle routes for efficiency and security


  • FTF SMART Engineering Services develops and delivers tailor-made solutions.
  • The service delivers any customized inquiries for clients in order to satisfy their personal needs and promote their business growth.